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The sexiest man on Earth. Usually really smart and quick-witted. Philips usually have enormous dicks and make love quite well. They can do things in the bed that no other people can. They are jacked beyond belief and can rip you apart. During times of need they are always there and will do anything for you. Philips are sports fanatics, especially for baseball.
Wow, i want Philip!
by D4ddy April 10, 2009
The incarnation of awesome

See: Legendary
1. That man must be a Philip, he exudes copious amounts of awesome.

2. That Philip sure is a legendary character
by Torture12345 December 16, 2009
v. to lose complete sanity, went insane.
Dan:"How's your wife and my daughter?"
Elton's face went blank then philip his lid.
by I_SLAMMER July 10, 2008

An amazing individual with strong characteristics. Though at times may been seen as uneasy, he can always find confidence within his friends.
That Philip sure is something.
by Phrankii April 03, 2007
An attractive young man who knows just what to say to win my heart...he plays the right songs and always makes me smile. Quick witted, and sweet, and all around great person i don't ever want to live without. He might be a bit peculiar at times and a bit distant, but great all the same. He is what makes a guy...everything about him is manly. This guy has it all even when he is missing something. And he is smoken hot no matter what.
Philip is the guy who who can always fix things that are broken.
by lovely other dino March 25, 2010
A Philip is a fairly mediocre person. Never excelling but rarely failing, he will attend college, but go somewhere that no one cares about. He will be proud of his medoicreness, which will range from his looks to his personality to his sex life, right down to his average little penis. When he is with a girl he does not enjoy blowjobs but does not hate them, they just aren't his cup of tea. he has very mediocre pain tolerance. so much so that if he were to burn his thumb while smoking with a rare Bahamian glass pipe he would drop the pipe instead of trying to protect the priceless piece. The only time he really shows any emotion is when he gets pulled over by a cop for speeding. In that case he will then start cursing at will and start pounding on the steering wheel like it's a cheap hooker.
If a Philip were a philosopher his name would be mediocrates. if you ask Philip for his opinion he would just say "it's whatever."

He pretends like he knows everything about everything but in reality he only has mediocre knowledge about most things.
by The Brock Solid September 04, 2011
A completely stunning guy. Dashingly handsome, he is the most wonderful person you will meet. He's awesome, cool, super funny, awesome, funny, super cool, gorgeous, super awesome and all the perfect things in life. He's always there to make you feel better when others are bringing you down. Very caring, protective and a real sweetheart. He's strong, muscular, athletic, adorable and very sexy. He's the most amazing person you will ever meet. Complete awesomeness.
Manda: "did you see that simply awesome guy before?"
Lisa: "of course, he was completely awesome"
Manda: "I'm not feeling to great... I wonder if he'll be able to share with me some of his oozing awesomeness"
Lisa: "of course Manda, Philip just has to stand next to you and you'll be basing in his awesomeness." :)
by Eyekiddo June 05, 2010
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