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1. A girl with a alot of sexuality, but is the most professional person in the world. 2. A fine girl with a great booty that teases all the guys but secretly wants them all. 3. An attractive girl with a nice body that gets along with anyone and everyone, and is usually the life of the party.
4. A hot nerd that thinks shes not good enough for anyone so she secludes herself from everyone else, even though they really like her.
Jock: Hey I need tutoring but all the nerds are so lame
Jock 2: Not that shy girl shes a total desirae.

That new girl is such a desirae, she told me that i wasnt her type, but she flirted with me nonstop!!
by BaBi93 June 17, 2008
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a Beautiful girl. name means desire and hope.
Desirae is so very hot.
by Cody Green March 16, 2007
1.) A fine exotic latino mixed girl with big ass titties who only dates white guys. 2.) Desiraes are usually insecure, though they have no reason to be, they are the most flawless sexy human beings. 3.) She is a stuck up girl with very high standards. If you want to get the time of day from Desirae you'd have to be gentlemen. 4.) Desiraes can be shy at first but once you talk to her she'll open up.
1. "damn that desirae girl has some big ass tittes, imma hit her up. " (guy)

2. "She's never going to message you back she's too stuck up !" (guys friend)

3. "She's a total Desirae! She was shy when so quiet when I met her, now she's chill as fuck."
by Tyler James Foxx April 07, 2014
1) A REALLY fine girl. 2)A girl who has big boobs and only dates mexicans 3)a really hot girl, with big tits, a hot boyfriend, hot mom, and nice ass. typically has good hair, is well dressed, and black.
1)Daaaaamn! That girl is a Desirae to the tee! 2)Look at her mexican boyfriend...Her name must be Desirae 3) That girl is soooo Desirae!
by CJay Hookah November 23, 2007
fat nigger who likes to go out with white people and slob there nobs and get other people toi fight there battles
you are such a desirea
by mike taylor July 22, 2003

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