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Code word for cock used when it is clearly inappropriate to use the true word.
You like the clock.
by Stuart November 18, 2003
A problem. Used in the same sense as "beef".
"What, man, you got clocks?"
by aMILLERd January 10, 2007
The act of hitting or attacking someone or some group. Term originated in South Central Los Angeles by the Crips gang. To clock meant to wage gang warfare "around the clock" i.e. 24/7 on your enemies.
" Damn we clocked them "sissies" (Rolling 60's) nonstop".
by Steve Williams February 25, 2005
(V) To inhale or smoke marijuanna in any way or sort.
Whats wrong with you? -Im so clocked!
by LOLOROKZSOX January 25, 2009
An item you use to to tell what time it is. They can be very decorative, and handy to tell you what time it is.
I like the clock in my house
by lunar shadows January 06, 2005
An object loved not only by Chris Baker and Tom Fall but also just about everyone with a brain.
Used for telling the time of course.
Chris loves the clock!
by Guru March 10, 2004
My rich black friend who goes to our really rich school in nebraska thinks he's from North Omaha and Florence district(AKA midwestern hood) Well when he says clock it means to get some action from a chick. Like to get field time or something like that.
Yo that scrub ain't gettin no clock from the ho. Dump her ass
by mervin Clint April 10, 2005