wanna know what's goin', better clock us
by honcho24 May 29, 2011
When a woman's clitoris is so looks like a small cock. Or when a man's cock is so looks like a big clitoris. A clock!
He/She had a clock!
by Genius25 November 18, 2009
To shove one's finger(s), usually the index or middle, up another person's rectum while they are still clothed. Generally referred to as "putting on clock" or "being put on clock." Seems to have originated sometime in the year 2001 AD. Practised by few, despised by many, revered by none, "clock" is a dubious part of Pizes Pad OG. If a "clock" is extremely vigorous, it may be dubbed a "Mat-clock."
Raag, help me dude, Fro keeps trying to put me on clock!
by Pize October 13, 2004
a person who is in a great hurry
So we're driving down the Katy Freeway, and this clock zooms past at like 110!
by Vincent Price March 07, 2004
Code word for cock used when it is clearly inappropriate to use the true word.
You like the clock.
by Stuart November 18, 2003
A problem. Used in the same sense as "beef".
"What, man, you got clocks?"
by aMILLERd January 10, 2007
The act of hitting or attacking someone or some group. Term originated in South Central Los Angeles by the Crips gang. To clock meant to wage gang warfare "around the clock" i.e. 24/7 on your enemies.
" Damn we clocked them "sissies" (Rolling 60's) nonstop".
by Steve Williams February 25, 2005

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