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A highly effective means of pointing out hot members of the opposite sex (or the same sex if you slide that way) to your associates (usually in public) without drawing undue attention to oneself. It works like this: The person calling the clock is always facing 12 o'clock and so a honey off to your left is at your 9 and so on. For experienced clockers, there are added terms such as tight (close), deep (far), High (above you), and Low (below). It's important to remember not to shift around to much immediately after calling a clock, so as to avoid undue confusion and back-of-the-head slapping.
God damn it, I'm calling out a 3:30 gentleman, can I get an Amen?
by Filmchild February 25, 2004
To sell crack cocaine.
Clocking on these streets is one way to make money.
by busy b July 19, 2005
1. To sell drugs mostly used for Crack dealers because the work around the clock selling to fiends.

2. Checking something out. Or to eye something really hard.
1. I'm Clocking that game my nigg.

2. Son quit clockin my my shortie
by Takiyah July 18, 2008
1. When a person is annoying by asking a lot unnecessary questions about while your doing something.
2. Over protective parent asking a million and one questions.
3. Nagging
Robyn is leaving her house and her neighbor ask her where she is going,when she coming back,and who she will be with. Robyn simply replies "STOP CLOCKING ME"
by vetrobyn March 09, 2009
To be rollin, Making it big. Gathering bunches of a particular item
J. Cecil is clocking bitches out of the local y-town bars
by Sweet Joe March 06, 2005

The act of tampering with the odometer of a vehicle to make it appear that the vehicle has not travelled as far as it really has. This tactic is often employed to sell a vehicle for more than it is actually worth.
Dan bought his car from a shonky dealer. I told him that the car had probably been clocked, but he had no idea what clocking was. He's fucked if the rego inspector picks up on it.
by TeraByte911 December 03, 2008
the art of fucking someone in the japseye
harry was caught clocking chris
by bigdogbellos December 14, 2011
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