the thing that rings on the hour showing a woman when its time to fuck
BITCH its its 4 o-clock time for fucking
by Horny bastard January 09, 2005
Clocks are annoying little beings on a place called by Strawberry Clock,These mangy beasts will annoy you with there "Speakonia" Voices and So on and so Forth.
PowermadClock is a dillhole,Justl ike the rest!
by Christopher Eloi Redrano November 25, 2004
A clitoris that's so big it's almost a cock.
I went down on this chick last night and her clock poked me in the eye.
by Jennnerz April 18, 2015
An very, VERY, hard punch. Usually used by people who can't think of any other word to use. Anyone who uses this word is not to be taken lightly, they will mess you up!
"You had better back off before I clock you!"
by PrettyMuchThat'sHowItIs April 05, 2015

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