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clock (adj): to hit or strike somebody with a heavy amount of force usually resulting in a kid faced down on the floor.
yo, you see that lil fool clock that big ass cat, straight layed that kid out!
by Circus A.K.A. Sketch August 19, 2005
To be caught in the act
To get caught
2)-Teacher catches student with dope.
Friend: Shame. You got clocked.
by sakjgmf February 09, 2011
to hit someone in the face
dang rob, i clocked the mess out of matt the other day
by Joey Muccio November 14, 2006
To make that ca$h money; variation of clocking grip or clocking a grip
"I used to stand on the block sellin cooked up rock
Money bustin out my sock cos I really would clock"--

Kool G Rap, "Road to the Riches" (1989)
by JD 79 April 28, 2006
A slang term used to describe someone's physical heart.
Cocked the Glock, one through your chest, stop your clock on a dime everytime they wanna flex, dummies runnin through they vest.

Used to describing a shooting victim:
"Son that cat's clock just got stopped yo."

Heartbreak, love problems, etc.
"His female be stressin his clock, gotta keep his dome straight he wanna hustle for me.
by Shy3000 July 25, 2010
When your girl's clit is bigger than the size of your flaccid cock.
Tom: Yo man, you end up taking Emily home last night?

Graham: Yea bro, bitch had a clock the size of my forearm

Tom: Word
by The Taint Slurper November 11, 2012
Originated in Decatur, IL

An individual who lacks the basic cognitive ability to make decisions. This individual is plagued with a mediocre existence and will have trouble finding a significant other. When given total freedom, a Clock will often wallow in caves of failure.

Clock can also be used as an ethnic slur against every ethnicity imaginable. It is officially the greatest one-up word to combat any other ethnic slur. If someone calls you an ethnic slur, call them a Clock and prepare for dinner - because you're going to be feasting on tears very soon.
Frankie: "Yo, John Madden is such a Clock. I don't know why they ever let this guy call games."

John: "Hey, Fred, you're such a {insert offensive ethnic slur here}!"
Fred; "Bro, you sound mad. I'm just thankful that I'm not a Clock."
*John is stricken with grief and sobs softly in the corner of the room*
by TheRealDuplicity October 29, 2011