the epitomy of all that is cool.
My potota is clam bam thank you ma'am... would you like to see it?
by Rod Bruce April 17, 2008
The super WORD Squad says that clam means cool.
"I just went manatee hunting wit mah peeps."

by WillyPlank April 17, 2008
The name of radical social-politics organisation also known as College lesbians against monster corporations
My girlfriend dosen't give me to fuck her twat 'cause she's the leader of CLAM in our town.
by free-fca January 01, 2009
A person who never talks while you are out doing things with them and your friends
"Dan is such a clam he never will talk"
by syrecc May 05, 2008
Completely Lacking Any Mental Stimulation

Def 1. Being really bored
Def 2. Descibing an Idiot
Ex 1. My brain is clams at the moment
Ex 2. You people are clams!
by NKKF September 23, 2007
1. Stanky pussy.
2. A cranky, complaining, self-centered, thankless bitch. The personification, if you will, of the first definition: stanky pussy.
My two-bit, carny-trash, mullet-headed lesbian boss is making me come in to work this weekend so she can leave early to spend a week in Aruba. What a clam.
by Anonymous June 27, 2003
(N.) Someone who is a pussy, ball less and sackless.
Billy I can't believe that bus full of hot broads came to your house and they all offered to be your sex slaves, and you said no. You're such a clam, and possibly a homo.
by The Negotiator April 03, 2007

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