another word for the phone
Get off the clam and drive, the 5-0 are following us!
by Mizzle Bizzle April 13, 2008
A wrong or sour note in music.
That trombone player has to go! He keeps on hitting clams and doesn't seem to want to improve his technique.
by pentozali March 19, 2008
A "clam" is a highly unsociable creature that lacks out-going ambitions. If you have a clam in your social circle they more than likely are always the person to deny doing anything besides staying at the their house and hanging out in their basement and smoking bongs. A typical clam will deny being a clam and will typically call others by their own putrid title, inorder flaunt their insecurity of their well-deserved title onto others.
"Ben, your a clam, you seriously will never do sh*t"

Person A: "Let's go play Frisbee at the beach man!"
Person B: "Nah, i'm not leaving my house"
Person A: "Clam...."
by Shank-Shaw August 21, 2013
n.) metaphor for cannabis.

A vintage saying that remains popular in niche areas such as New England and Ridley Park Pennsylvania. the nickname comes from the term "clam bake" to represent smoking cannabis.
Clams a la mode, anyone?

I'll take the finest sac of clams, 20 count please!
by ClamsCasino! December 16, 2010
A verb meaning to show your friend some form of cultural fare - most commonly an humorous youtube clip. From the combination
I wish Darryl would stop clamming me with videos of people injuring their balls.
by Miles from Space January 11, 2009
Someones hands that are very disgusting and have the look and feel of a dead animal
Marcus:Dude today i was with simon he touched my arm with his clams and when i get home im going to take a three-hour shower
by clamy mc. nasty February 17, 2007
A shortened term for the STD chlamydia; goes hand in hand with the term crabs.
That bitch is a walking STD with all them crabs and clams on her puss.
by David Kaiser April 20, 2003

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