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The study of fufilling ones unlimited wants using the Earth's limited resources.
"It's pure economics! Since our resource of TV writers is scarce, we're stuck with crappy reality shows!"
by Xopher April 20, 2005
1 Dollar,
It cost five clams for a sandwich at the restaurant.
by Xopher October 30, 2003
More subjective than merely surfing the web, diving involves the delving through layers of websites and old hyperlinks while searching for something that lies within the watery depths of the internet.
While diving, the webmaster encountered his old favorite recepie for chicken a la king, not to mention the old English lady's secret to prize-winning blueberry cobbler.
by Xopher November 23, 2005
The slang used to desribe what is left on a bare chest after a man has ejaculated his man juice on to it.
I gave this girl a wicked pearl necklace last night with my hot steamy load.
by Xopher October 30, 2003
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