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The girl version of teabagging
Dude, i totally got clammed last night by my chick >=( (4 lujan)
by RissyLo June 09, 2009
verb: To abruptly hang up on someone while talking on the phone without there knowledge such there is a distinct slamming sound for the unsuspecting party to hear while left wondering wtf was that for.
Man I was talking to this fine woman and told her she had nice breasts. The next thing you know this b***h clammed me.
by graysons vernacular August 25, 2011
To be unceremoniously stood up by a slore (half slut, half whore) with very little forewarning or notice. Usually in reference to downtown playdates or outings at local sushi restaurants. Not to be confined, however, "clamming" can also refer to any number of shunnings or snubbings. These may include lost invitations to lasagna dinners, trips to SxSw without you, or playing hard to get for one lousy date for over 10 years when you've known a breezy since they've barely had a shoulder length "bob" cut!

In conclusion, "clammed" "clamming" or being "clammed up" is any time some beezy tries to play you out like Snooki's Jersey Shore re-run... NAWWW!!!!
Guy 1: How'd the date go?
Guy 2: Not so good... I got clammed.
Guy 1: Damn! Really? What happened?
Guy 2: Well after two hours of waiting the waitress told me they needed my table for paying customers. She complimented my flowers though.

Guy 1: Heard you're taking a RV roadtrip to the wedding!? That's dope!
Guy 2: Yeah, but I'm getting clammed up..
Guy 1: What do you mean? I thought you were rolling with three hot girls??
Guy 2: Yeah, but they're all bringing dates and using me for their DD.
Guy 1: Damn bro.. this just ain't your year.
by Head Gooey Duck In Charge February 03, 2010
To get rolled, owned, wrecked.
"He got clammed!"

"Man, I got so clammed the other day..."
by 'Cus May 26, 2005
To use when someone/something/yourself are/is rolled, wrecked, owned, etc.
A way to describe what happened.
"I got so clammed by this dude the other day..."

"They got clammed!"
by 'Cus May 24, 2005