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A wild party where beer is served (usually in disposable plastic cups) from a keg. Keggers are usually associated with high school and college students, but anybody can throw one if they've got a lot of friends and at least one keg of beer.
"Were you at Steve's kegger on Saturday night? Jessica and Ashley got drunk and made out with each other in front of everybody. It was awesome!"
by You Can't Kill the Metal October 19, 2006
A party at which an immense amount of beer is available, not just one keg.
Man, that kegger was the shit, after we killed the last of 9 kegs, we started doing body shots off of your wife!!
by VilHam December 30, 2005
A term used to describe of having a keg of beer at what is supposed to be a party.
Speaker: Yo man you hittin' up that kegger tonight at Josh's place? You got to throw down ten bucks.
Friend: Hell yea ill throw down ten, it's Straight.
by Josh Gnolland September 21, 2008
A party at which a keg of beer is present.
I here there's going to be a kegger at Jack's house tonight.
by Albert February 14, 2004
A party, usually occuring in College or University, where a keg is available to the attendants at said party.
"Oh my god, have you heard of that Kegger going on tonight at Bolt Street tonight? It's going to be sick!"
by PB&Jams April 25, 2009
A party consisting of people, a run down frat house, and several kegs of beer.
Dude, the kegger at Sigma Beta Kappa is going to be fucking awesome, I plan on getting laid several times.
by Ort April 04, 2003
A place with a fuck load of kegs full of beer.
A drank so much beer at that fucking kegger i died!
by Eric January 07, 2005
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