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Used to describe a person with the sexually transmitted disease Chlamydia.

Also a make believe mythical creature who has battles with Mr Crabs
"I have Chlamydia therefore call me Clam"

"Lets Clam it on!"

"Release the Clams"
by sdmfmonkey April 15, 2012
A group of Girls and Guys who are a heavy drinkers and are always a good time. They NEVER Judge others as a person...only as a group and are capable of becoming a guido or guidette at any moment. They are also very exclusive with new clam entries. Origins are linked back to the unexpected viewing of someones hoo haa.
Are any Clams working tonight?
by The Funny Clam February 06, 2010
another word for a woman's vagina
her clam swallowed me whole!
jam out with your clam out!
by ck12345 December 04, 2009
Another word for a tin of smokeless tobacco. a term used to confuse others in thinking you are not buying a tin of smokeless tobacco.
In a real clam, a pearl is inside. In a tin, dip is inside. In both items, goodness is inside and both open up like a clam.
Each clam costs about 5 dollars in American.
dude 1:hey, you got 5 bucks on ya?
dude 2:no, sorry man what for anyway?
dude 1:ahh nothing, just need to get a clam.
dude 2:.......oooook
by The Shei April 06, 2009
Chillen like a motherfucker
At a party working the room and letting the ladies come to you, all a sudden that kid no one likes comes flying into the room screaming I'm going ham right now. You sit there hit one back and say I'm going CLAM.
by Headband and computer guy April 19, 2011
informal, slang expression to refer to dollars
please, lend me 75 clams, i'm short this month
by Aldana2008 September 03, 2008
That thing that is located approximately 16 inches below a women's neck and situated comfortably in between her two legs. It may have a distinct odor, similar to that of a clam. Sometimes called a pudenda/vagina.
Ben: Damn what's that stench?
Matt: Oh shit tell your mom to close her legs I don't want to have a clambake!
Mom:(Blushing) I'll make sure to use the lotrimin next time!
by Bangaware the King January 21, 2010