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To have or cause to have emotional difficulties or inhibitions
You have not been yourself today. What's your hang up?
something said constantly between two "in love" teenagers at the end of a phone call
Jeremy: "You hang up first."
Suzie: "I ain't hanging up first; you hang up first."
Jeremy: "Well I'm not hanging up until you hang up"
Suzie: "Well, ditto here!"

Then that lasts for another hour or so...
#hang #up #teenager #boy #girl #phone #call
by Elijah360 May 31, 2009
To refuse to speak to some one.
To be silent while some one is talking to you
You've hang up on me. (You've refused to speak to me)
#hang up #silent #quiet #not talking #no interest
by Joseph Nyamogo October 28, 2006
to kill yourself;to commit suicide
if they hit me with life I gonna hang up.
#suicide #jail #kill yourelf #life #death
by bknyc December 03, 2006
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