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Outcest is when you have a sexual relationship with someone who's not related to you. Opposite of incest
Outcest is illegal in Alabama
by Emcee April 12, 2005
The act of ejaculating and bleeding from the same orifice simultaneously. Caused by excessive masturbation or sex within the period of a few hours (six times average). More common in men. Caused by a combination of extreme pleasure and blood vessel damage.
Ricky's seventh hooker for that evening approached him, but before she could unzip his pants, they were soiled with his three-pound bloodgasm.
by Emcee January 27, 2005
Sexual technique used when the hooker/girlfriend/boyfriend is giving a blowjob. As you cum in their mouth, mke them laugh and it will come out their nose and flow back into their mouth, forming a full circle.
Jack and Jill loved to joke, and Jack could never resist catching Jill offguard with the cycle.
by Emcee January 27, 2005
The end result of a rare childbirh occurance where from some extra propulsion, the baby is launched out through the vagina, stops in mid-air when the umbilical cord reaches its full elasticity and is pulled back inside the mother through the vagina so fast and hard it pulls the lips apart until they're so wide they simply fall back and engulf the mother.
Greg didn't care if it was a boy or a girl, he just hoped the baby would be healthy. But it was a clam.
by Emcee January 27, 2005
AIM: Spectral Damage
I instant messaged Spectral Damage
by Emcee June 26, 2003

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