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Chlamydia. usage is similar to krabs.
dude she got an STD! i heard it was clams
by Allah Ragbar March 06, 2008
1) the coolest underwater sea creature ever!!
2) one of the funniest words ever
3) adjective used to describe a cool or hip person
"I love clams, so i dont eat clam chowder"

Person 1: "Wanna hear something funny?"
Person 2: "Sure"
Person 1: "CLAMS!"

Quinn: " Wow Jake is so cool"
Ray: " Yea he is without a doubt, a clam"
by Douglas Voorhees May 28, 2007
A large gob of mucous.
I coughed up a clam and spit it on the jerk's window.
by The Urbane Urban Speaker January 04, 2004
mouth (or talk hole)
Shut your clam before I kick your puss off.
by Lynn January 23, 2004
the bomb diggity, stickiest of the ickiest, fire ass, high grade marijuana
we got home from school and packed up a fat bowl of some clam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The end result of a rare childbirh occurance where from some extra propulsion, the baby is launched out through the vagina, stops in mid-air when the umbilical cord reaches its full elasticity and is pulled back inside the mother through the vagina so fast and hard it pulls the lips apart until they're so wide they simply fall back and engulf the mother.
Greg didn't care if it was a boy or a girl, he just hoped the baby would be healthy. But it was a clam.
by Emcee January 27, 2005
someone who kisses so bad, that it feels like a piece of clam in your mouth instead of someone's tongue
Person1: "I hooked up with that girl Kellie last night."
Person2: "How was it?"
Person1: "Awful, she's a clam."
by chiefcrazyhoe May 04, 2003