Anybody that looks like a little indio (indian).
Ever wonder where the word chucha comes from?
It's a spanish curse word meaning pussy or vagina.
Usually used in the phrase "Chucha Tu Madre"
It comes from South America, it's a spanish word that's often used by Hondurians Ecuadorians ect.
So if you see a little mexican or ecuadorian walkin around there little chuchas or Chooches.
Hey what nationality are you?

Im Puerto rican and Ecuadorian.

Ewwww your part chooch!!!
by TheBadGuy February 21, 2006
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The term is derived from the Italian word "ciuccio" and means jackass, dummy, idiot, or moron. A chooch is a person, who against better judgement, acts inappropriately.
Every time Mike K. drinks, he acts like a chooch.
by Joe Frat October 01, 2006
Italian slang for hardhead,, blockhead,, any of a number similar insults pertaining to one's stubborness or limited use of common sense.
There is no convincing that Chooch.
by chooch November 16, 2003
Nickname for baseball player Carlos Ruiz, the best Phillies catcher ever! Fans also chant it as a sign of affection.
Ruiz just hit a grand slam?! CHOOCH! (or more often, CHOOOOOOOCH!)
by Steven-O August 29, 2010
Exhaling smoke out of your mouth and a term only used by 1puglife on youtube
Ya buddy Chooch It!!
by spoilt92 December 25, 2010
A jackass. one who acts without thinking.
Why would you put the icream in the refrigerator and not the freezer? Geez! You're such a chooch!
by ReGina January 15, 2005
of possible italian origin, a chooch is similar to a fool or chump. used as a deragatory term to those who are not worthy of respect.
when angelo was defeated in ping pong, on lookers called him a chooch.
by albertking February 16, 2009
Any person with an excess of school spirit. School spirit in this case means to be overly excited about one's school. Includes, but is not limited to, anybody associated with the student body government (SBO's etc.)
That kid goes to all the assemblies that aren't even required! What a damn chooch...
by AntiChooch4Life November 16, 2009

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