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someone who does shitty things that aren't illegal (maybe slightly illegal) for their own benefit. not to be confused with "assholes" who do shitty things that don't benefit anybody.
chooch: taking someone else's drink if they ordered the same thing at Starbucks so you don't have to wait and they do
by ass violator 9000 October 21, 2013
(V.) To take a puff of a vapor pen or hookah.
"Hey is that one of those vape pens? Let me get a chooch right quick!"
by MandersonFTW March 31, 2014
Catcher on the Philadelphia Phillies. The man behind Roy Halladay's perfect game and the best damn catcher in baseball.

Derived from a Panamanian swear word ('choocha') he was often heard uttering while he struggled through the Dominican League.
*Carlos Ruiz hits a home run

Phillies fans: CHOOOOOOOOOOCH!

Announcers: Those are not boos, those are chooch calls!
by buddhasack69 July 23, 2011
According to his holiness da fada Guido Sarducci a chooch is a dummy which is used in act of ventriliquism or by association any other brainless fool that can only regurgitate inaccurate babble
Somebody smack that chooch already he's driving me freakin' nuts
by His royal Petenes June 09, 2012
Some one who is named Tyler and uses slightly homo sexual slang through email
"Thanks Bro Montana"

Fwd: What a chooch
by wawa12345 March 12, 2012
(n.) - ugly; mentally handicapped; idiot; slow; friend, a person or thing that irritates you; onomatopoeia.
Answer the phone ya chooch! ; Fuck you ya chooch! ; Stop being such a Chooch! ; You are the definition of a chooch. ; I'm back home ya Chooch(es)!
by Ace Wolf April 03, 2011
a douche or a dickhead
paul shllaku is a chooch
by ryandarossa3 January 19, 2011