someone that farts in the bathtub and sniffs the bubbles
that nasty fuck is a chooch
by satans balls November 26, 2010
A cheesy, unprincipled government hack that meets at least 50 of the previous definitions for "chooch."
Who is the biggest chooch on the public payroll? Nancy Pelosi, Chief Chooch of the Flying Mooks, of course.
by Mhu Cao November 06, 2010
(n.) - ugly; mentally handicapped; idiot; slow; friend, a person or thing that irritates you; onomatopoeia.
Answer the phone ya chooch! ; Fuck you ya chooch! ; Stop being such a Chooch! ; You are the definition of a chooch. ; I'm back home ya Chooch(es)!
by Ace Wolf April 03, 2011
A sucker. One who falls easy for a con.
The last guy who bought shit from me was a total chooch, I'll be calling that sucker again soon!
by Sintastic1 May 19, 2011
chooch is a person who doesn't tip. Someone who is a scrooge with their money. Always looking for a free ride.
NO, he was a chooch
by Blackjack dealer March 23, 2011
Slang word in new hampshire for a person with a big nose and a little schlong
me: i met up with a chooch last night
you: sorry babe
by Dukes79 May 20, 2010
To chooch is the act of using your, or another person's tears as lubricant for masturbation. There are multiple degrees of chooching.

first degree chooching is using your own tears and masturbating.
second degree chooching involves saving one's tears and using them at a later date as lubricant.
third degree chooching is the act of using another person's tears as lubricant.
My girlfriend broke up with me, and I was so sad that I became aroused. I had no lube available and thus had to use my own tears of lamentation in order to quench my erotic, sadness fueled chooch desires.
by uncoolpseudonym November 20, 2009

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