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4 definitions by ReGina

A jackass. one who acts without thinking.
Why would you put the icream in the refrigerator and not the freezer? Geez! You're such a chooch!
by ReGina January 15, 2005
really hot person. (mainly guys)
Damn, look at that shiista!
Mr. M is such a shiista!
by Regina March 11, 2005
a band that performed delightful music using simply toy instruments. alternative defn is the purple toy piano itself, the pianosaurus.
"hey bob, let's go see pianosaurus play tonight, right around the corner."
"honey, don't bang too hard on the keys or you'll break your pianosaurus."
by Regina February 17, 2004
name of yummy guitar player of HIM-

Mikko Lindstrom
Where is Mikko?

Missä Mikko?
by regina July 10, 2004