What you would call a broken boomarang
The boomarang never came back...lets just call it a stick
by the howboucha guy April 16, 2008
Something used for shaking at things;

cannot be shook at a large number of things.
"I shake my stick insultingly at your meager number of XXX!"

"More XXX than you can shake a stick at!"
by Vee Are Are Schee January 13, 2004
a noun.

anything or anybody taller than 6 feet and less than 120 pounds.

(if it's an object, its width should be less than 5 inches)
joe: "Jack! your boyfriend is so tall."
jack: "I know, I like dating a stick."
joe: "I'm jealous."
by dontdothattwice May 17, 2009

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