To "chooch" is to masterbate using your tears as lubricant. Usually done by leaning over to drop the tears on your junk while masterbating.
After the funeral I went home and had a good "chooch".
by Yeti / Wendy July 09, 2009
1. a slacker
2. a person who puts the smallest effort into completing a task
3. someone that goes out of his/her way to avoid doing work
4. a person who spends an abundance of time relaxing instead of doing actual work

can also be a verb "chooching", or an adj that "choochy" or "choochish"

past tense is "chooched"
A group of coworkers are sweeping a floor and one person (the chooch) takes and hour to get a dustpan

the grasshopper in the story of the ant and the grasshopper

man john chooched out on the job today
by nmcamper May 07, 2009
Pronunciation: ch-oo-ch
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): choochiness, choochy
Etymology: French
1 : a well groomed, smooth talking man with more hair products than most women. This individual is keen on setting emotional “traps” for the fairer sex, and no matter how intelligent the woman may be, she will be undoubtedly fall into the web that he weaves.
2 : a professional dancing partner or male escort
> Melissa only received a handshake and an “All the best in the new year” on new years eve, but she still couldn’t resist the choochiness.
by Momma1 February 02, 2007
Word used to describe either Stephanie, or Dr. Chooch. Either a complete lack of intelligence, or one who pretends to hold more intelligence than they are capable of producing..
"Stephanie is a chooch..."
"Dr. Chooch is a chooch."
"Welcome to the ghetto you chooch"
by Ben September 14, 2004
an idiot or insult to a person.. also used in the verb format as in to rip off someone
1. You are a chooch

2. I chooched the kid going into the first turn
by chooch June 22, 2004
Courtney's vagina. See also: Fluffy.
Noah named his cat, "Chooch," after Courtney's female reproductive organ.
by Nirt January 19, 2004
(noun) see cunt,pussy
We had fun playing baseball until Mary caught one in the chooch.
by Jake January 18, 2004

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