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One of the few things that makes life worth living.
Nicotine is your best friend, and your worst enemy.
by -_________- May 02, 2005
a very poisinous substance that goes well with marijuana, alcohal, and many other intoxicating substances, and also has a very low lethal dose of 40-60 mg
hey im so high right now pass me a nicotine stick
(one cigarette contains aproximitly 5-15 mg of nicotene, however when smoked only about .3 -3 mg are ingested, but this still proves that one cigarete will not kill you as previously mentioned, however if a pack of cigarettes is eaten it will lilley be lethal
by Volslang May 24, 2005
One of the many devil's creatures.
-dude, i love nicotine
-dude, I hate nicotine. It makes you die
by ZnappHansken June 06, 2009
A lethal toxin found in all tobacco products, and several other plant and plant products.
With a lethal dose in the range of 45mg to 60mg, which is more toxic than Arsenic with a lethal dose of about 100-200 mg.
One cigarette contains more than the lethal dose of nicotine, if injested whole.
See for more information.
by dork February 17, 2005
The best fucking chemical this world has to offer. And to all you anti-smoking CUNTS out there, what with your "worship derrick beckles" fuck face faggot bullshit, FUCK YOU! I hope you all rot in HELL!!
Man, I'm jonesing for a nice hot dose of nicotine.
by Bob Arctor October 26, 2007
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