In sales, a prospective client that has no value. Chooches rarely have money, but will have an inordinate amount of questions no respect for your time. They are predominant in the brokerage industry, and are known for having low account balances, but think watching CNBC makes them the next Warren Buffet.
Wow, the guy walking around the branch in the Elmer Fudd hat, talking about the stock market bouncing is a real chooch.

You are a real chooch-fondler, did you spend 2 hours with that chooch?

Chooches arent people, they do not have thoughts and feelings like you or I.

by Scott Christensen January 24, 2008
An idiot who does something foolish. Against common sense.
Mario didn't put no stabilizer in his gas last year. The snowblower won't start and he wonders why. What a Chooch!
by Don E. Brook July 10, 2008
To chooch is the act of using your, or another person's tears as lubricant for masturbation. There are multiple degrees of chooching.

first degree chooching is using your own tears and masturbating.
second degree chooching involves saving one's tears and using them at a later date as lubricant.
third degree chooching is the act of using another person's tears as lubricant.
My girlfriend broke up with me, and I was so sad that I became aroused. I had no lube available and thus had to use my own tears of lamentation in order to quench my erotic, sadness fueled chooch desires.
by uncoolpseudonym November 20, 2009
A word with a wide variety of uses
I just chooched that landing.

Your a chooch mc muffin.

Man he/she's choochey
by Tyler January 06, 2004
To cry while masturbating. To feel sorry for oneself, be overly sensitive, complain, or otherwise act in a self pitting way. Most commonly, but not necessarily referring to love issues.
Be nice to to Amy, she is feeling choochy.

Mallory has been chooching in her room ever sense that guy broke up with her.

I don't want to go out tonight; I just want to listen to sad music and chooch.

I don't like him, he is a total chooch.
by Airam.enaj November 15, 2009
To "chooch" is to masterbate using your tears as lubricant. Usually done by leaning over to drop the tears on your junk while masterbating.
After the funeral I went home and had a good "chooch".
by Yeti / Wendy July 09, 2009
1. a slacker
2. a person who puts the smallest effort into completing a task
3. someone that goes out of his/her way to avoid doing work
4. a person who spends an abundance of time relaxing instead of doing actual work

can also be a verb "chooching", or an adj that "choochy" or "choochish"

past tense is "chooched"
A group of coworkers are sweeping a floor and one person (the chooch) takes and hour to get a dustpan

the grasshopper in the story of the ant and the grasshopper

man john chooched out on the job today
by nmcamper May 07, 2009
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