A complex process that typically involves head scratching and "Hmm" noises, and is often followed by an "aha!" in normal people, or a stupid comment in cheerleaders.
Steve: Suzy, do you want to go to the movies with me tonight?

Suzy: I can't; I'm thinking.
by Grent May 01, 2008
using the muscle between your ears to create conclusions regarding what other people do and say.
I was thinking about the first definition of "thinking" and it pissed me off.
by BartRules October 31, 2003
A past time that has been forgotten by americas youth and George W. Bush
"Dude so like the other day I was sitting there you know, and all of a sudden this idea came to me on how to solve this problem I'd been having it was weird."

"Yeah, I heard of something like that once its called like thinking or thoughting or something"

"Is it deadly?"
by penny-lane July 19, 2007
this causes pain in the head, noggin, noodle, brain, scalp, eyebrows, and other areas in the head area. Can cause sickness if done too much.
I don't like to think. Thinking is dumb. Why do i think? I am not a thinker!
by Jenny September 17, 2003

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