A slang term started in Anaheim, CA by members of the Rio Vista Street Vatos (RVSV) gang combining the words cock and fuck. The term can be used to either descibe the physical beauty of a woman, or to describe the action of engaging in sex with a woman. See examples.
I want to cack that bitch.
She's a fine ass cack.
Would you cack her?
Yes, she's a cack.
by Darrrick September 26, 2006
shit-cumbrian northen english
i had a cack behind a bush and wiped my bum on grass
by fra2dogs April 02, 2005
Australian slang(?)
1. To laugh in a shrill manner
2. A humorous situation that would induce such a laugh

Short for "cackle":
1. To make the shrill cry characteristic of a hen after laying an egg.
2. To laugh or talk in a shrill manner.
"We were, like, at Maccas, and Sheila was drinking a milkshake, and like, she laughed and it came out her nose. What a cack!"
by frood March 10, 2005
Poo, the whereabouts of this word is unknown but commonly used by adults and me especially when around children as a replacement to profanities
"ah! cack you dropped the dog on my foot" or "I'm off for a cack"
by Johnny Thorpe January 22, 2005
Cock with an a in place of the o. wtf. Slang for penis. Something one <3's
I <3 teh cack!
by Teh1337d00d January 16, 2003
a synonym for a crap/shit/turd you get the picture...
"oh my god that was so scary i cacked my pants"
by jerry February 04, 2005
Something extremely disgusting or repulisive.
That food tasted like cack.
by shuanfu November 28, 2003

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