1. A term used to describe the penis of a small child, or otherwise very small penis.

2. Sometimes also used to describe something bad or in poor taste.
1. Johnny has a tiny little cack.

2. Man, this party is sub-cack. Lets leave.
by chicken7377 February 26, 2008
can be used like fuck; interchangeable with fuck
not to be confused with "cock"
Did u cack her man?Naw she was a cock tease!!
by Eric V. October 07, 2007
Cack (verb) - to play a wrong musical note.

ORIGIN: Musician slang derived from cacaphony.
"I fired the player because he 'cacked' that one note."
by B. Rich June 05, 2006
Cock with an a in place of the o. wtf. Slang for penis. Something one <3's
I <3 teh cack!
by Teh1337d00d January 16, 2003
another word for having sex
Last night i cacked this girl all night long.
by clutch masterr June 15, 2011
A sick ass word you use all the time to cancel out words like "Here", "Yes", "No" etc...
Example 1:

Teacher: Tyron Brown

Tyron: Cack!

Example 2:

Mother: Did you do your homework

Son: Cack!
by Blyatislav November 08, 2007
Similar to a cock, but just much bigger and more sexually gratifying to a woman. Usually said with emphasis and authority.
Me: Hey biatch, you want some of this cack?
Girl: *Gasp* Oh my God, yes I would.


Look at the size of that cack!
by Renzo Cervantes July 23, 2006

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