1. To kill or murder.
1. As in, "the rabbit 'cacked' him last night" ~Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
2. Gino, gimme the gat, we're gonna cack this prick and then chop him up at Sammy's.
by TannayEvryday May 23, 2006
cock with a boston accent
bobby's cack is wicked small
by tyler April 21, 2005
Another word for cock, can be used in any sentence like the word fuck. Anything and Everything.
What the Cack? Whooh Dude, he just rolled out in his cackilac. Can you lend me a cackulator? Ahhh, i just cacked my pants. you stupid cack. collossal cack. Would you like to have a cack with me?
by Max and the 4-7 boys! February 22, 2004
A slang word for the male penis
Woah! Look at the size of his cack!
Doesn he ever have a small cack
by Anonymous March 29, 2003
A Cuban cock. Usually larger in size than a white man's cock but, smaller than an African American's.

Also known as a cacksicle to a good chickenhead.
Carmen really loves to suck on my fat cack. Even though she is fat I let her do it because she is the best chickenhead in the hood.
by Jonywad22 May 28, 2007
1. Rather secretive information shared about the quality of sex partners, particularly in the theatre business.

2. Things that travel with you yet never seem to be thrown away
I heard some cack that Jason is awful in bed.

Throw the cack over there.
by KrisLo November 15, 2006
cack -- originally produced by accidentally combining 'cock' and 'smack'

1)Someone who has the qualities of a moron, asshole, and jerk
2)Can be used to refer to the penis
3)Can be substituted for any syllable which sounds vaguely like cack
1)"Stop bugging me, you loser cack"
2)"If you bite the tip of my cack, I'll kill you"
3)"Cackually, I suspect illegal cacktivities on the premises"
by Cackmaster 1982 July 08, 2003

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