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A fat dick with rolls.
That guy has such a cack.
by DJanesy September 10, 2009
cack = non-man,boy, someone who doesnt want to go to man weekend, like jeff dog and mike.
jeff is a cack -boy for not attending man weekend
by davedogg February 19, 2009
The male sex organ, commonly known as a penis, cock, wang, dick, etc.
Guy 1: Dude guys what happened last night?

Guy 2: What?

Guy 1: I got my CACK blown!

Guy 2: Nice...
by Seannn(cack) January 31, 2008
to die, usually in a sudden and dramatic manner; slightly onamotopaeic word
I went to Sarstock just hoping to see Keith Richards cack onstage...
by messy July 15, 2004
Underwear, slightly soiled with vaginal drippings
I pulled off her cacks and had a good sniff!
by HJOlympian October 24, 2011
A rare fruit found in the trees of India
Im going to suck on a cack while my friends pick them.
by D rizzock November 12, 2008
Australian Slang. To describe how someone laughed to something.
"He absolutely cacked himself when Darc fell down those stairs".
by Eamon Hale August 09, 2004