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worried also warried
Is Zim slang for "not bothered" or "i don't care"
Could also be described as a state of bliss or nirvana in which one has not a care in the world.
Shangu: "I can't believe Yemu lossed you to hook up with Samanyika!"
Takura: "Sha, I'm worried! that jyde is whack anyway..."
Shangu: "Yeah, whateva..."
Chenai: "Chick! whut are you so smiley about?"
Janet: "I dunno I'm jus warried"
by lil_miss_lee August 08, 2005
adj : the opposite of being "worried." used with a strong sarcastic tone. it basically means "i culdnt care less."

origin : my school in cape town, south africa (where there is a strong usage of sarcasm)
"im worried about my stats exam tommorow" - emphasis on the word "worried"

"dude, you got batted by sum chick" - "im worried, ok!"
by p00n August 08, 2004
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