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a friend who had ur back
yo cacks u ready for this shit
by VaZz June 05, 2004
British term meaning:
1. Manky stuff
2. Pathetic
"You've got some cack on your chin"
"That is absolute cack"
by Julia January 22, 2004
A variation of the word Cock used on gaming servers that do not allow profanity in order for the gamer to avoid being banned. Most oftenly used when repeating movie quotes from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.
Vitapimp: Mooby is a 1337 player because he loves the COCK!

Noob Admin: Stop using profanity or you will be banned!

Vitapimp: Sorry dude. Fear the CACK, it pwns joo!
by vitapimp June 10, 2008
Cack means rubbish/crap
"dem clothes look cack on u man"
by ^-^ April 13, 2006
When one person slaps another in the face with their penis.
If that stupid ho bites my dick again, I'm gonna cack her.
by Yeahr May 20, 2008
a variation of the word "Cock" that can also be used at the end of just about any noun or verb. It can also be used to replace the word "cock", or any noun/verb.
Hey, what's up Jimscack? Want to go to the mallscack?

Hey, can you pass me that cack over there? (in this instance, the word cack has replaced the word tool)
by Thomas Beesleyscack April 13, 2008
All those in the US military receive a CAC card Common Access Card. This card is commonly refered to as one's Caack.

Bro Pilot: "Dude, you forgot your Cack again!"
Bro Pilot 2: "Yeah, I left it in the damned Cack hole"
by Peni S. Gigantor August 29, 2007