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landed: its worked out well, everyting is sorted. Northern Ireland saying.
you got the job? youre landed now!
by monkeynator June 10, 2005
The feeling that overcomes you immediately after enjoying a mokey bowl.
*Jim smokes a mokey*

Pam: Did you just smoke a mokey?

Jim: Don't talk to me woman I've landed!
by up_stairs_kush February 03, 2009
A bunch of guys who own the people that posted the second defintion

I am d31, and i am the sickest mother fucker out

Fuck all you other cunts
Fuck those LANDed guys are cool, let's give them shit

Fuck landed owned me...I'm going to try and own them back
by d31 ma3ngz August 28, 2003
Bunch of sick cunts who have the biggest wang and balls. The group that everyone loves to hate, just because they are so sexy. rice_meister is the official cheerleader of the group, just cause she r0x you all!
Fuck those LANded fellas own me.
Damn they're balls are fucking huge!
by Anonymous March 20, 2003
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