To call someone a cabagge means thet they are some what not all there (a spanner and a large hammer short of a tool box)
you are a cabbage that is what you are boy
by mr man i am a man November 04, 2010
When something is so redneck, that it's cool. A.K.A. something you would see down at the cabbage patch.
Damn! That cut-off plad shirt is cabbage.
by Anthony SeChrist March 31, 2006
Luggage that you store in the trunk of a taxi.
When the taxi-driver unloaded me at the all-night combination tattoo parlor and shooting range, he also forgot to unload my cabbage from the trunk.
by Not-gonna-tellya April 22, 2005
A slightly dazed and confused guy from Canada.Survives mostly on pizza and rice.Wears a tinfoil hat and falls asleep at strange intervals.
"Man you are the cabbage!"
by Zipperhead March 01, 2005
Description given to an item or person who carries the traits of a over-conscious Gucci wearing, butt-plug sitting, nasal talking, exaggerated expense without the justifiable cause; opposite of Ghetto.
Cabbage person: Have you been to that French restaurant down the street?
Ghetto Massive: Hell no. That place is so cabbage, I am just a student.
by The Ghetto Massive May 23, 2004
when one's pissflaps lose tenacity
1: "man u still shaggin winny?"
2: "yeh totally dude bin trawlin her for a year or so now...she's becomin a bit of a cabbage patch kid tho."
1: "you fuck"
by pirate-core November 02, 2003
A stupid person who doesn't know shit.
Zach you are such a stupid cabbage!
by Bob Dong February 14, 2003

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