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lies, false statement.
not true.
'that's ballix woodside'
'aye yer ballix'
by Trimble December 16, 2004
30 11
Also spelled ballix, ballux or ballox. Slang that refers to the scrotum or testes, mostly English (British) usage. Can be used literally or in place of common exclamations such as bull***t.
"Oh come on! That's just plain ballix!"
by Rockdilly February 07, 2008
22 11
To throw into confusion; botch or bungle: managed to bollix up the whole project.
managed to bollix up the whole project.
by rae-leen April 11, 2005
16 10
An enjoyable Flash game you can play at
"Hey, I'm at work, and on the internet. Maybe I'll get paid to play some Ballix for an hour."
by RevGored January 16, 2009
7 5