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Orangeville, Ontario. This town sucks. Theres absolutely nothing to do, it was 32000 people and 2 attractions for normal teens that you cant get banned from for no reason. It's overpopulated with stupid people, by this I mean rednecks, hicks, and people who think they're gangster.

There are also too many people who are so miserable that they should even step otu their front door. If you are walking down the street past sundown, you get stared at out the window like you're a friggin alien.

Also, O'ville smells like shit. If youre on the southeastern part of town, all you can smell is the water management plant, which smells like no other than shit, and anywhere else it smells like a friggin barn because were surrounded by hick shitkickers tyring to run farms.

If there's a burning building in Orangeville, it attracts hundreds of people on end because nothing ever happens. One of the only things it's ever been on TV for is the odss fight club.

This town needs something for 13 to 17 year olds to do because there is nothing you can do without being accused for breaking something or walking on someone's newly paved driveway. This town is a fuckin joke and other than leaving my friends, I will not be upset at all when I leave.
One time I was walking in Orangeville and this guy spazzed on me cuz I walked on the road.
by GordonC October 18, 2006
Orangeville, Ontario
as opposed to the definition below, the real thing is better than you think, it actually is a really cool town and there is lots to do. also there are a lot of exiting things going on there. for example, the founders fair, the community pool, the bike track, and a shit load of youth night events. the only bad thing about orangeville is the water treatment plant, whitch tends to smell like crap, but aside from that, it's pretty cool. i love this town and anyone who want's to criticize it can suck an egg.
Dude 1: "hey man, where do you live?"
Dude 2: "Orangeville."
Dude 1: "aw, lucky!"
by iliveinorangeville August 01, 2011
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