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An abbreviation when referring to someone as a pathological liar
"Omg, did you hear what she just said? That was so path!"
by tropical-tom April 10, 2010
train line that runs in North Jersey and NYC
Yo I took the path to Hoboken
by Ugert San February 04, 2005
PATH stands for Pussy And The Hoes
I am going to a party so I will be getting PATH
by STuffour01 August 04, 2011
A path is someone who is pathetic. "Path" and "pathy" are to "pathetic" as "empath" and "empathy" are to "empathetic".

Not pronounced like "path-ee" but like "puh-thy".
Look at that girl, she's such a path, eating by herself.

Geez, way to bring out the pathy, Karen, telling that sob story to Mr. Jones.
by herpingandderping January 03, 2011
Path, one of the multi-threads of life.
Some study, trying to find the correct one that leads to the right place. Others "PPP" path as location of future footprints based on the Personal Perceptive Prejudices of the past.
John paused, path uncertain, left, right, up, down, spiral, spin out. None seemed pathwise.
by Phil Baxter January 08, 2005
An abbreviation of Pathetic.
She wore this Horrideous outfit, when I ripped her about it she had the biggest BF. PATH.
by B-Rock1983 April 20, 2009