Description given to an item or person who carries the traits of a over-conscious Gucci wearing, butt-plug sitting, nasal talking, exaggerated expense without the justifiable cause; opposite of Ghetto.
Cabbage person: Have you been to that French restaurant down the street?
Ghetto Massive: Hell no. That place is so cabbage, I am just a student.
by The Ghetto Massive May 23, 2004
when one's pissflaps lose tenacity
1: "man u still shaggin winny?"
2: "yeh totally dude bin trawlin her for a year or so now...she's becomin a bit of a cabbage patch kid tho."
1: "you fuck"
by pirate-core November 02, 2003
A stupid person who doesn't know shit.
Zach you are such a stupid cabbage!
by Bob Dong February 14, 2003
Dublin/Irish slang--Means idiot,or retarded..used as a friendly slag most often.
You bleedin cabbage!!

#idiot #retarded #mental #stupid #gobshite
by fitzcarraldo July 12, 2006
n. A human baby. Coined by the late comedian Bill Hicks
"Oh, CHRIST. The bitch can't even spell the name of her trailer park, and she's going to pump out another goddamn cabbage?"
by Alecx Hunter July 20, 2005
A person with (very) limited IQ.. A simpleton. Someone whom is stupid. A Vegatative state - From the true meaning of the word - Vegtable.
He/She's a "real" Cabbage (pionting or gesturing.
by sixty4 March 24, 2005
1. what you're looking for at the end of a long night of drinking to get home safely.
2. same thing, only for the ugly girl you just picked up so she'll go home and you won't fuck her later.
shit, dude, I'm so fucked up... gimme some dough so I can get some cabbage to drop off this baggage... don't wanna end up with that shit. damn.
by r3j3ct February 23, 2005
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