1. A leaf based vegetable, with green or purple leaves.

2. When used with reference to a person, a idiot, moron, retard, or most other insults.
1. A brought a mouldy cabbage.

2. Grant is such a cabbage.
by Scion April 15, 2004
A vegetable about as large and intelligent as a man's head.
Look at the cabbage on that guy.
by AmbientLion January 16, 2004
Cabbage (B) Pronucuation Key
1. A vegetable consumed by humans and rodents alike which increases the growth of skin bacteria around the pelvis and urinary region.

2. Somebody who sneaks up on you that you didnt anticipate.
1. I ate some cabbage today alongside with some brustlesprouts.

2. (You turn around and somebody you didn't see before is there)"Whoa, I thought I smelled cabbage".
by Steven009 June 27, 2005
1. A item/object/idea that will never make the most gullible person's house.
2. A object that reminds you of a really bad moment (Like MINT credit cards)
1. David: I'm going to make a chocolate kettle!
Fred: That is such a cabbage.
2. David: That clock! It is so....
Fred: Cabbage?
David: Yeah! that's the word!
by The Forgotten March 24, 2005
A green, oddly shaped, foul tasting vegatable.
A favourate among those who like cabbages.
That green lump there, it looks like a cabbage!
by Alex Wight January 19, 2004
a taxi...as in cab...cabbage!
i'm sick of waiting for a bus. Lets call a cabbage.
by slimey January 13, 2005
Similar to hoe. It usually is more skanky. Possibly comes from the word cabbage patch. Popularized by Webbie and Trina.
"Yo cabbage, get off my lever for a second, I think you broke it."
by 2pacalypse April 04, 2006
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