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The word cabbaged originated in Belfast Northern Ireland:
The meaning of this term is - wiped off your tree, maybe consuming too many extacy pills or other drugs to be in state where you are unable to move ie cabbaged...

It can also mean to be exasperated due to the result of being stoned to the ballix ie consuming too much cannibus...
Phil was cabbbaged on the sofa...

Phil was cabbaged as he consumed to many drugs...

Phil looks like a cabbage...
by Gerry Mac August 29, 2006
stoned off your face, whacked off your bean, monged off your tits.
i can't do anything, I'm too fucking cabbaged!
by yi mudder July 02, 2003
the act of turning ones school bag inside out, putting the contents back in and zipping up the bag, usually performed in schools
dude! i've been cabbaged
by Da Scrummage King May 07, 2010
Dear Editors: I sent this in before but without a valid email address, since I need to post an email to get published, I have reposted.

(UK) Inebriated, usually as a result of consuming too much cannabis, although it can apply to a state of severe (though not particularly unpleasant) intoxication from various drinks and drugs. See monged.

Etymoligy: To be "cabbaged" is to be in a self-imposed "vegetative state" Geddit?
(annoying cockney accent) "...So 'Erbert came round, and we smoked up a couple of pure skunk cones and got compeltely fackin' cabbaged... it was wicked, blindin', sorted..." etc, etc, etc...
by Andy April 02, 2005
stole, acquired, borrowed with little regard for returning it.
His shit was just layin out, so I cabbaged on to it.
by t-bonz January 27, 2005
to steal with intent to use the item as toilet paper.
Steve cabbaged my bed sheets??.... he can keep them...
by Elvis Presley October 31, 2006
when your not quite sleeping but canni move ie. after a hard night drinkin
i canni be arsed movin im to cabbaged
by jaj March 16, 2005
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