To mess up a pro wrestling move.
Owen Hart botched a piledriver on Stone Cold Steve Austin and broke his neck one time.
by AJAW January 01, 2005
When people write definitions in urban dictionary refering to Eminim as b-rabbit in his tank of a movie 8 mile.
what a fag, jimmy just referenced b rabbit. he is such a fucking B-otch
by alphatag December 22, 2005
1. the hair found between a man's butthole and scrotum.
"I shaved my botch and put it on my face."
by PaulJar the Pornostar November 11, 2003
your ass. anyones ass. rearend. butt. rump.
looking at her BOTCH gives me an erection!..........lets go to the beach and check out all the nice BOTCHES!! kiss my BOTCH, dickweed!!!!!!!
by Dakeboy 59 August 24, 2008
term i use in kingdom hearts for my boat.
the s.s. botch
Kyle Unsdorfer
by Cory Wigley December 17, 2004
a botch is anything where the sun don't shine
i have a fotchy botchy
by Boozer April 05, 2003
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