The slang or quicker form of Byatch;Benician
That botch has a bangin ass!
by Joe February 12, 2005
Botch is the hair in between your sack and your ass.
Crabby, Afro
by K May 20, 2004
a botch is anything where the sun don't shine
i have a fotchy botchy
by Boozer April 05, 2003
used in place of burnin that piff, tryina burn?, roll that up, spark a blunt.
U wanna botch one out? Anyone tryina botch?
by nicky nams January 10, 2008
to fuck if ever given the chance, synonym to the phrase, "I'd Hit That"
person 1- Man, where they hot or what?

person 2- hell yeah, I'd Botch.
by chase H August 28, 2007
Shortened version of belly crotch. Used to describe the second belly some people have just above the pubic area.
Dude that chicks pants are too tight.
I know, I can totally see her botch.
by Robert Galena May 29, 2007
a mixture between crotch and butt.
"dude ur room smeels like botch!"
by dizzle February 28, 2005

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