the man version of a bitch
"Claudia's such a botchy whore"
by umidk January 19, 2010
From The X Files. A bunch of Russian dudes who cut off your arm and leave you in agonizing pain but damn you get a cool prosthetic and a very cool metal tea bag.
What the fuck are you doing to me? Holy fucking shit! You sons of bitches butchered me! Ah what the fuck is wrong with my arm?!? Holy fucking shit! You fucking dizzy botch! What the fuck is my family gonna think of me now?!? Ahh, fuck!!!
by Field_Trish March 04, 2009
To roll horribly in a tabletop rpg. To be doomed.
I botched every roll last night. My no more.
by Akasha January 20, 2005
The most angry word you have in the back of your head when you're so pissed off you don't know what to say.
Damn, Mr. Teacher botched me so bad last night!
by Mikamus September 03, 2005
People with black pubic hair
EXAMPLE--Megan Fox is a ugly botch!
by CLANK106 March 09, 2010
not a biotch, but a botch
That girl is such a botch.
by forshore October 30, 2006
commonly spelled "bi-atch." Refers to a female dog or a woman.
by Joey March 20, 2003

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