tr.v. botched, botch·ing, botch·es
1. To ruin through clumsiness.
2. To make or perform clumsily; bungle.
3. To play like Marcus in Tiger Woods Golf

1. A ruined or defective piece of work: Marcus' putts

2. A hodgepodge.
Marcus: "wow Jake, I really botched that drive, now you'll have beaten me numerous times. But thanks for giving me the opportunity to play with a boss like yourself.

Jake: "No problem dick. Stay soft."
#marcus #botch #mess up #screw up #tiger woods
by theboss22 November 02, 2009
a femail toitle.

someone who treats another person badly
Gina is such a botch to ALi.
#bitch #ass #studmuffin #weet #boner
by ginahan April 08, 2011
people who cry and bitch about sore winners when they lose, but gloat like asses when they win
guy A: dude, Scubby just texted me saying "hell yeah we won, suck on that D"

guy B: what a botch


guy A: dude, Scubby just texted me saying "wow dude wtf you guys cheated and you should have some class"

guy B: dude that scrote Scubby is such a botch
#bitch #lord scrotus #biatch #sore loser #sore winner
by freshbakedcookiemonster October 21, 2011
A girl thats a boss and a bitch.
Look at that girl , she's so ugly,Were such botches!
#botch #boches #bitch #boss #bossy
by Trishy poo November 20, 2006
A combination of the words Bitch and Boss,
used for a woman who is great/awsome/a boss.
Person A: Look! That woman just turned into a jet and bombed the Russians.
Person B: Like a Botch!
#bitch #boss #like a boss #great #awsome
by Insert dirty word November 07, 2012
A word to censor the use of the word bitch.
"Gimme back my cupcake botch!"
#bitch #slut #whore #nicegirl #skank
by totally not a botch February 28, 2009
Slag or punk bitch
Shut up ya b-otch!
by Che McKenna September 13, 2003
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