Sounded: (~B-o-z~)

AS A VERB: an action that simultaneously involves you lifting your arms above your head, whilst at the same time, slightly cocking your leg to the side. The actual word is spoken while the action is performed.

NOTE: "Bohzing" is expected to be in the 2012 olympic games
1. Slightly raise boths hand above your head and place them to the right (only just)
2. Keeping your right leg planted, use your left leg and kick it out to the side so as your left and right KNEES are still together.
3. While doing both of these actions together, shout the word 'BOHZ'
4. You have successfully performed a BOHZ.

*When someone is performing a BOHZ, it then becomes known as BOHZING, BUT only when the action is being performed and never any other time.
by Munny-Row! April 09, 2011

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