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to burn only a portion of the marijuana in a bowl, leaving some green for the next person.
here's the bong, i cornered it for you.
by Nick Kurszewski May 30, 2008
A word commonly known in the food service industry by servers who frequently enter and exit the kitchen with their hands full. Servers call out "Corner" as they approach the entryway to and from the kitchen when they have trays, glassware and/or plates in their hands. The purpose of this is to warn anyone who may be approaching from the other direction, unseen by the person calling out "Corner" and thus avoiding a collision and the subsequential spill of aforementioned plates/glassware. Servers new to the industry usually find themselves saying "Corner" out of work when they approach a corner, and it is cause for much laughter and embarrassment.
Thanks for not calling corner, now I have to remake all of these drinks, you asswipe!
by instrumentoffear May 07, 2009
a place of work for prostitutes.
"im goin down to the corner to pick me up a hooker"
by yer May 19, 2003
(FINANCE) Used either as a noun: a situation in which a trader controls the supply of a traded item, such as shares of stock, supplies of a commodity, etc.

Or else, used as a verb: to obtain control over the supply of a thing, so that one can drive the price up to extremely high levels.

Cornering the market for anything (or getting a corner) is extremely difficult and requires not only immense amounts of money (usually borrowed for the purpose), but also timing and the ability to bluff opponents.

A corner is ultimately a long position in the sense that it is a direct attack on investors taking a short position.
The corner must be timed very precisely, because it cannot last for more than a very short time. Even when the the price of the thing (like, say, silver) goes up to very, very high levels, more supplies cannot come onto the market or the corner will be lost.

At the same time, there has to be a target of the corner--some group of people who have to buy the cornered item no matter how high the price goes (otherwise, the quantity demanded will just go to zero). For this reason, corners are nearly always part of an attempt to squeeze the shorts.
by Abu Yahya April 05, 2010
a game played on any form of transport
ex. car, bus, mini bus, train, tram, plane, etc...
how to play:
every time the vehicle turns a corner, the players of the game follow suit and try to squash the person at the end

Corners is a great game to play during a lengthy car trip, or a lengthy 5 hour plane trip
by Rambaldi December 21, 2006
the place where people pick up girls to sex with or to sell drugs or the battlefield of gang wars
the corner is always bloody from ass fucking to ass beating
by asian September 08, 2003
the place where you send people when they're being eitehr annoying, irritating, fustrating, unfunny or when they just dont make it into the conversation
"nicole, corner, now"
by steens May 28, 2003
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