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1) A number. After 3 and and before 5.

2) What retards use for the word "for" and the letter "A"
by Anonymous January 29, 2003
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the number after 3
the sum of 2 and 2
the product of 2 and 2
the 4th number
the square root of 16
the smallest perfect square
the number of people you need for a game of foursquare
the number of people you need for a game of beach volleyball
the number of balls you need to pitch in baseball to walk
the number of corners and side on almost all sport fields
the number of corners and sides of any TV screen and any square appliance
the number of prongs on the average fork
the number of heads on mount Rushmoore
the number of years a president serves in a term in the USA
the number on Brett Favres jersey
the number of people needed for an official orgy
the number of quarters in a dollar
the number of legs on most animals
the number of legs on most chairs and tables
the number of planets within the asteroid belt
the number of gas giants in the solar system
the number of nucleobase types in DNA
the number of chambers in the mammalian heart
the number of canines, incisors, and wisdom teeth in the human mouth
the number of seasons in a year
the number of cardinal directions
the number of people in the average rock band

and much more...
guy1: 4!

guy2: What about 4?

guy1: just think of the significance. think of the possibilities!

guy2: dude, your right
by george133 August 01, 2010
A number which is considered extremely unlucky in Chinese and Japanese culture. The pronunciation of the character for "death" sounds like that of the number four in both languages, making it a number rarely seen in hospitals (or pachinko halls).
In Japan, more people on average die on the fourth day of the month.
by Matticus November 21, 2003
the world revolves around the number 4...
coincidence... i think not!!!!!!
by 4sgalore August 22, 2007
the only number with as many letters as its value.
the number 4 is spelled with 4 letters
by Donald E. Baser June 17, 2008
In binary, 00100.

Binary can be shown by holding up a finger for 1, and holding it down for 0.

So... try it.


I shake my binary 4 at you!
by Jargon File April 17, 2006
two plus two; two times two
2 + 2 = 4
2 x 2 = 4
4 is a great number
it's the fourth number of all numbers
did you know that?
by Sir Ryan December 03, 2006
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