1. The reason guys never find any cute girls at the nightclub.
2. The reason girls never find any cute guys at the nightclub.
3. The reason gays never find any other gays at the nightclub.
4. The reason lesbians never find any other lesbians at the nightclub.
5. The boring game that EVERYONE seems to play, consisting of a card with several numbers on. Each player listens out for the numbers. When one is spoken, they frantically search their card for it. If it is there, they place a counter on that number. If it isn't, they don't place anything. When someone's card is full, they shout BINGO! and give the card to be checked. If they are correct, they win a prize (usu. money). If they are incorrect, they set the card how it should be and send the unlucky guy/girl back.
Girl: You going to bingo tonight?
Guy: Na. I'm going to the ni...
Guy: Oh crud.
by SpamGamma April 16, 2010
Top Definition
Put-down or criticism of a life choice.

"A bingo. It's when a childfree person says they're not having children, and someone tells them they'll change their mind or that it's different when they're theirs..." - Childfree hardcore.
by Pitbull hugger November 24, 2005
An exclamation used when you finally work something out, or an idea/solution suddenly comes to mind. Also said when you discover somthing.
"I finally worked it out, Bingo!"
"Bingo! We'll climb through the back window."
"Bingo! I found what you were looking for."
by Diego August 19, 2003
In Denmark, bingo refers to the rare event in which a person fills up the entire toilet bowl with poop.
When I heard Johnny shout "Bingo" from the bathroom, I knew not to go in for a few hours.
by trufooser November 11, 2007
An alternative way for saying "that's what she said" in public. Only to be used in situations where saying that's what she said would be deemed inappropriate.
Man: "How big are your pizzas?"

Waitress: "It's about 12 inches"

Man: "Bingo!"
by Scrantinicity December 10, 2010
A totally bad-ass game where some dude with a microphone calls out a letter and a number simultaneously and you mark the combination on your board if it's there. After playing this game for about 10 minutes, someone will get 5 pieces diagonally, horizontally, or vertically and yell out the word "BINGO!" and everyone will applaud and they win the game. Generally only played by old people with no lives.
Old Man: BINGO!
Old Woman: Drats! I only needed B4.
by ocb2000 December 13, 2014
A game played in juvenile detention facilities in California, in which the players masturbate at the same time. Who ever ejaculates first yells "Bingo!" and wins.
Delinquent #1: Bingo!

Delinquent #2: Ey foo, you cheated!
by Camp Munz n Mendenhall March 27, 2014
to be very low on or completely out of something you need
I can't go to the strip club tonight because I'm bingo on cash.
by Zen January 01, 2007
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