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the act of two indivuduals venturing into two adjacent stalls in a bathroom to simultaneously deposit fecal matter in sync, and also discuss with each other the matters of life.
While co-piloting Matthew and Thomas were able to express their feelings regarding their views on the condition of each others bathroom stall.
by MTAHTOTMHAESW February 18, 2009
When a passenger holds the wheel for a driver while he is lighting a bowl, bong, bubbler, joint, or any other smoking apparatus usually for marijuana
Yo bro want to co pilot for a second while i spark this bowl
by Admiral_Ackbar November 09, 2008
similar to wingmen, when two guys go to a bar and they help each other hook up with desirable girls. In biology this would be similar to a mutualistic relationship in which both organism benefit each other.
Steve and Tom are going to a bar but they are copilots instead of wing men so neither of them will have to flirt with a fat chick to help the other hook up with her hot friend.
by sarge3562 August 03, 2008
When you are peacefully taking a shit in a public or workplace bathroom with a row of stalls and someone comes in and takes the stall right next to you.
Zach was droppin a duece at work, reflecting on his day, when Jeff came in and copiloted him.
by yerboy319 April 06, 2011
When one gay man jacks off another gay man. Usually misconceived as another mans best friend.
Wow my copilot helped me so much last night!!
by MaTtIe GeE February 20, 2011
A variant of the wingman, only in this case, the two guys are looking to hook up with the same woman for an MMF threesome. The men can be either straight and not interact with each other during the threesome, or it can be a bisexual event in which all three are having sex together. The idea is that instead of Guy 2 being the wingman of Guy 1, both guys take turns "working in the same cockpit" (an obvious euphemism for how both guys will be taking turns penetrating the same vagina).
Guy 1: "Hey man, want to hit the bar and find some honeys to get laid with tonight?"
Guy 2: "Nah, man. I've got no game and get all self-conscious about going soft mid-way through, anyway."
Guy 1: "I hear ya. How about being my copilot instead? That way we can double our odds of finding a chick and then tag in and out as needed."
Guy 2: "Alright, then. I'm in."
by Cammie Eva January 29, 2015
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