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A person that that only eats fish and potatoes.
American: I want some fish, maybe some potatoes.
Other American: You dam Norwegian!
by Blondcurlface March 24, 2011
an adjective commonly used to replace the word lesbian as most Norwegian girls are lesbian/bisexual. It is believed that a genetic impulse in the brain causes female Norwegians to have sudden impulses to jump the girl right next to them.
Male: That girl is such a raging Norwegian, but she still likes boys as well.... i hope she likes me :)

Girl: The best kiss i ever had was from a Norwegian i met in Melbourne.
by StoogeKing November 03, 2009
An African American that does not know how to act in the snow. Examples include spinning tires when driving in the snow or failing to dress appropriately for the climactic conditions. African Americans suffering from Snow Hysteria are the perfect example of a Norwegian.
Damn son! Those Norwegians just slammed on the brakes and rear-ended the 5-0!
by Norwegian Ice King December 22, 2009
Slang for negro. Regularly used to beat the censors on web boards where racially inflammatory language is not permitted, or in conversation with politically-correct types.
Them Norwegians thought they had an easy mark when they tried to rob the cripple in the wheelchair, but they didn't know he was armed. Good guy: 1. Norwegians: 0.
by WTMan May 28, 2009
A large, brutish, stupid race of people with long hair. Listen to death metal and sail around in big sailing ships. Often wear horned helmets.

Known for smashing things over their heads in a show of toughness.
Dude, holy shit, did you see that guy just stick his dick in a beer bottle, chop it off, and then suck it out before smashing the bottle over his head? That was fucked up. He must have been Norwegian.

Go back to iceland, you stupid norwegian.

Go wrestle a large moving vehicle you stupid norwegian.
by VortXxe October 15, 2005
Generally the Homeland for the largest amount of retards possible.
"Hey do you know what's a Norwegian?"

"Yeah, I know a Norwegian and he is a cunt, he is named Bamse. He tends to represent all of Norway"
by Le Suspender December 23, 2013
When the sky goes trippy.
Person one: Ooh, Look at th pretty spirals in the sky, are they Aliens?
Person 2: No, God forgot to debug the sky again, Damn Norwegian events.
by Tungston December 12, 2009
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