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In slang often used for "three". Tray Eight is for example a .38 cal handgun.
Pop dat Tray Eight Mike!
by Sallay June 10, 2005
an great looking guy, who is so smart, sexy, funny, and treats girls right. He could play the game but stays with one
Girl: Damn, whos that hottie over there?
Girl2: Ohhh that Tray. Hes a loyal guy though, sorry?
#tray #sexy #awesome #cool #king
by trabsher December 11, 2010
Slang that heroin addicts use for a small square of foil with a piece of heroin on it that has not been smoked off of yet.
Coley: Can you hand me that tray?
TJ: Hahah, uhmm, I already smoked it all.
#foil #heroin #tooter #tutor #tray #opiate #percoset #speedball #foiley
by Cassandra Q October 19, 2011
3 dollar crack rocks
That corner got mad people lined up because they selling trays
#ready #crack #caps #nics #dimes
by KOmanofthehour December 11, 2008
Simply meaning true.

Derived from the speed needed to say the word "true" in certain situations but not being able to finish the ending.
Tray! Let's go!
#tray #true #real #right #absolute
by dkongkill February 19, 2011
Short for trailer. Describes something extremely third-world and utterly ghetto.
That dump on Green Street you used to rent is pretty damned tray.
#trailer #dirt #ghetto #rank #trash
by Tray Lord June 13, 2006
A word to describe a fat, big breasted woman. To understand where it came from, just think of a hotdog seller at a game of football, they carry those trays around. Now imagine they pull their shirt over the top of that tray. Bingo, you have the square shaped breasts.
"Oh no....tray set us so much maths homework"
by JR January 29, 2005
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