a "wanna be" biker, inspires to ride a scooter but is to anal to admit it.
Haha, look at that bingo, hes riding a honda
by annonomyseness September 08, 2008
A citizen of Bangla Desh.
Ali: Where's your friend from?
Shaz: He's a Bingo.
by Azhar Usmani March 22, 2008
A delicious adult beverage otherwise referred to commonly as a Red Bull and Vodka. (A double would be a "bingo bingo")
"Gonzo quit throwing chips around like you own the place and order us a round of bingo's at the bar!"
by Nick Theule November 14, 2007
to be very low on or completely out of something you need
I can't go to the strip club tonight because I'm bingo on cash.
by Zen January 01, 2007
Noun given to the female who has accomplished the task of fucking 5 guys in one fraternity house.
Don't fuck that girl, she already has bingo!
by thmk56 November 12, 2006
Term used for Bangladeshi nationals, particularly household servants working in countries outside their own. Known for being good cooks, specialist in preparing fish, but also known for being crooks. Many cases of robbing their employers and fleeing back to Bangladesh. Bingoes usually cross the border illegally and enter into India or Pakistan to get cooking or dishwashing jobs.
We have a rule in our house of not hiring Bingoes. They are a pain and work with fake documents.
by Tariq M July 12, 2006

Mainly black ethnic stereotype to describe a person who wears a baseball cap...usually sideways, excessive bling or gold chains around neck, uses too much 'street talk' and may walk with a limp.
Often described as an 'ethnic chav', a Bingo is mainly a young black man with attitude, and just like a chav, is used to descibe a lifestyle rather than racial breed.

That 50 cent.....he's such a Bingo.
by Karnak January 19, 2006

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